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Camping Vaucluse » Vaucluse market and delicacies

Vaucluse market and delicacies

Holidays are an opportunity to try new local flavours. So, you will have to venture out of the main shopping areas to discover all the little markets of Vaucluse that bring the picturesque villages to life in the mornings. The markets are loud and buzzing and you will love the local accent!

  • Poivrons Légumes Provence
  • Fromage
  • Marché provençal

    Local producers

    Quickly identify the spot where the local producers gather, the market gardener who will give you his recipe for ratatouille, made with bright red peppers, shiny aubergines, sweet, plump tomatoes and, of course, garlic, a key ingredient at the markets of Vaucluse. Here, the ratatouille, which smells of Provence and fresh thyme, is served hot or cold accompanied by Camargue rice or pasta.

    The fishmonger will sell you everything you need to make the most beautiful seafood dish using freshly caught fish from the Mediterranean. The small local farms come to sell their delicious curd cheese made with ewe’s milk or creamy goat’s milk. It’s best to come early to avoid disappointment.

    Everything from an apéritif to dessert at the Vaucluse markets

    Don’t forget to prepare the apéritif Provençal style. No more peanuts and crisps! At the friendly markets of Vaucluse, you can stock up with fresh supplies and share some special time with family or friends at the end of the day. Come and sample the local anisette (in moderation of course) which is fresh and thirst-quenching, a delicious Côte de Provence or a Châteauneuf du Pape accompanied by slices of tapenade bread that you can make yourself to impress your new friends: black olives from Provence, anchovies from the Mediterranean Sea, fresh garlic from the market and olive oil from Vaucluse. You don’t get much more local than that!

    Strawberries, melons and pastries…

    At the markets of Vaucluse, you will also find dried tomatoes, local cooked meats, fougasse (flat loaf) and delicious goat’s cheese to enjoy with a drink. The Pistou soup, strangely enough, tastes of summer as its made using a variety of summer vegetables and is garnished with basil and garlic. You won’t be able to resist the strawberries of Carpentras and very cheap melons, as well as the local specialities which are perfect for a coffee break on your wooden terrace just before taking a siesta in the shade… The biscuits for example, or ‘oreillettes’, sweet-tasting small doughnuts delicately flavoured with orange blossom, not forgetting the ‘berlingots’ (hard-boiled sweets) of Carpentras. Best consumed in moderation! You can always work it all off at an aquagym session the following morning…

    • Fraises
    • Olives
    • Melon

      Reception have all the information you need on the days and times of the pretty little markets of Vaucluse.

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