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Pernes les Fontaines for you discover

camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse
camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse
camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse

Our beautiful 5-star campsite is situated in Pernes-les-Fontaines, a small town noted for its architecture, history and ancient fountains. This is a region where the sun beats down, and if there is no water, there is no life. Harnessing water has always been a question of survival in these Provençal villages that face dry winters and scorching summers. The inhabitants of Pernes les Fontaines managed to create a network of 40 public fountains supplied by the Nesque, a little river that they protect today as if it were a treasure. As a consequence, the commune became appealing and attracted wealthy property owners who built huge farmhouses and townhouses.

Provençal farmhouses and townhouses

From the 18th century onwards, these fountains increased in number, some majestic and intricately carved, and others more simple but no less efficient. As you stroll through the town of Pernes les Fontaines, this gentle murmur of running water provides a peaceful soundtrack. Today there are around 60 private fountains, hidden from public view in the gardens of the farmhouses or private homes.
To discover this incredible heritage, follow the circuit around the fountains, details of which are available at the campsite reception.

In Pernes les Fontaines, you can visit the Bell Tower and the medieval Tower containing magnificent ochre frescoes from the 13th century.
The Maison Fléchier is a must-see. Besides the thick walls which keep it lovely and cool, this townhouse is witness to the history of Pernes. In Pernes, you will find the museum of Comtadin traditional dress at the foot of the Medieval Tower, and the fabric store, which supplied local dressmakers with fabric and sheets right up until the Second World War.

Markets in Pernes les Fontaines

On Saturday mornings, the Provençal market will dazzle you with all its array of local specialities, sun-ripened fruit and vegetables bursting with flavour; aromatic herbs; dairy products from the local farms; local pastries or charcuterie. Every Wednesday evening, the “Welcome to the farm” accredited farmers set up their stalls in Pernes les Fontaines to entice you with their gastronomic delights and Provençal fragrances. You won’t be able to resist!

Lastly, Pernes les Fontaines has a huge number of local craftsmen who will welcome you to their workshops: jewellers, leather craftsmen, glass makers, and even a barrel organ builder… a wonderful way to wander between the fountains, shaded by plane trees or narrow streets.

camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse
camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse
camping pernes les fontaines vaucluse


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