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Camping Vaucluse » Vaucluse, holiday rental paradise

Vaucluse, holiday rental paradise

  • location mobil home vaucluse
  • location mobil home vaucluse
  • location mobil home vaucluse

    Vaucluse is one of France’s most captivating departments with the diversity of its landscapes and range of activities it offers. In the heart of Provence, extending from Orange to Lubéron, from Avignon to Mont-Ventoux, displaying its ochre lands and hilltop villages with their narrow cobbled streets and cool fountains; once again the City of the popes.

    Vaucluse provides a spectrum of dazzling colours, from ochre to lavender, the green footpaths of Lubéron to the deep blue sky above. The markets and nature trails offer an explosion of fragrances and flavours from the South. Reminders of Provence are everywhere.

    Our holiday rentals in Vaucluse are the ideal base from which to explore one of the most beautiful departments in France, whether you are of a contemplative nature, a food lover, eager to explore the great outdoors or a sports fanatic.

    Discover the hill-top villages

    The Luberon massif stretches out to the south of the campsite with its picturesque, historic villages perched on ochre cliffs or scattered among the rich green landscape. Follow the discovery trails and have a rest by the fountain in the village square under the cooling shade of a plane tree. For centuries, the villages here have been designed to protect against the sun. Fountains, narrow streets, half-closed shutters and shaded squares are symbolic of Provence.

    Just a few kilometres from your holiday rental in Vaucluse is Avignon – the gateway to Vaucluse and steeped in history. The ‘Palais des Papes’ (Palace of the Popes) is unique and magnificent ramparts surrounding the old town transport you right back to the Middle Ages. The old town is also a good spot to indulge in a bit of shopping… Carpentras, its little sister and also a papal town, is also known for its cuisine and market gardening activity surrounding the town. Its market is one of the oldest in France.

    Mont Ventoux, the sentry of Vaucluse

    And then there is the splendid Mont-Ventoux, which rises up over Provence and can be seen from afar. It is worth visiting for the view it offers over the whole of Provence as far as the Mediterranean sea, and for sport fanatics who are entertaining the idea of climbing up it, just like the Tour de France cyclists. Your holiday rental in Vaucluse will help you prepare.

    Vaucluse, a country of food lovers

    The Ideal place for lovers of quality local produce, Vaucluse is THE dream destination for a holiday rental. Allow yourself time to explore the market, then cook with your family in your mobile home using the delicious recipes that the local producers have shared with you. Bon appétit !

    • Mont Ventoux
    • Avignon
    • Palais des papes
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